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Develop your organisation

With ScaleUp Company as your partner, you will grow fast, focused and with more joy!


Coaching and guidance from experienced business owners in the engine room to give you insight into and monitoring growth.

ScaleUp Tools

Practical tools used by thousands of CEOs and board members. A plan for long-term growth.


Become part of the international ScaleUp network and help build to expand it! Connect with other entrepreneurs and members of executive teams to help each other get to the next level.

Meeting rhythm

A meeting rhythm is an essential component for successful collaboration. We help with a firmly controlled rhythm on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual level.

Growth strategy

With a rock-solid strategy, you determine the organisation's course. That way you can corner the market to beat the competition.

Find and develop talent

Attract and retain the talent that best fits the organisation’s core values. It’s about employees who enjoy their work and know what is expected of them.

Scaling Up Heartbeat

With the help of a ScaleUp expert, transform together with management to the next phase.

Proven growth formula for Scale-Ups

ScaleUp Company aims to help entrepreneurs and their teams grow their organisations. Therefore, it is a prerequisite that, the management team grows. Each phase of a company’s growth brings specific challenges that take time to resolve. Often much more time than you want or expect; whether it is devising and validating a winning strategy, building an executive team, establishing a culture of growth, or getting the whole company involved in the plans.

The three pillars of our growth formula

1. Structure with Scaling Up

Scaling Up is used by thousands of companies worldwide. The method provides a healthy basis for growth. With our ScaleUp expert, you get started with implementing the method in your organisation. The method provides structure and coherence. We start with three main topics: strategy, execution, and employees. In several sessions, we help you implement the method in the organisation

2. Firmly controlled meeting rhythm

Successful growth is also successful communication. The rhythm of the meeting is the heartbeat of an organisation. Together with our ScaleUp expert, you will work to bring the rhythm into the organisation. By introducing these routines, you get better mutual coordination, you can solve problems faster and ultimately you have more time to build the organisation. With routines, you get more done, and you achieve your goals more easily

3. Inspiration and learning through our network

Become part of the international ScaleUp network. Build relations with scaleup experts, other business owners and other management teams.

Scale-Ups we partner with

Do you feel that everything in your organisation is getting harder and harder? Do you see what needs to be done, but don’t quite know where to start, with whom and when? Do you need a good plan, better priorities, and more peace of mind to work on it? Or just more freedom?

So, get in contact with us and hear more about the growth partnership!

10 - 500 employees

+1 mln annual revenue

Ambition to grow

Customer experiences

What do clients say about a growth partnership with ScaleUp Company?

Scaling Up is ideal
"The Scaling Up methodology was the ideal way to take the next step with the organisation and it has worked fantastically well. We took a lot of energy from it with the team!"
Roel Wolbrink
Co-founder New Tailor
Involvement increased
"Scaling Up has strengthened our company's culture and increased employee engagement with a focus on the right projects. My favorite tool is the OPSP!"
Sjoerd Keer
Director Gio Coffee
Focus and structure
"After years of growth, we entered the phase: How to move forward? With many new faces, the need for structure grew. The programme immediately brought much more focus."
Bob van Berkel
CEO Vanberkel Professionals

Get started now or have any questions for us?

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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I participate even if I don't have an executive board yet?

This differs from situation to situation. To give you a correct answer, it is useful to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants.

How many people can I participate with?

We recommend participating with the entire management team.

Can you implement Scaling Up in any organisation?

Yes, the method can be used in all kind of organisations. There will be differences from industry to industry or organisation, but our coaches can help you with that.

How long does a program last?

We always start with the foundation for Scaling Up in the management team. The next step is implementation throughout the organisation. We are happy to help you through each individual growth phase.

Where will the meetings be held?

For in-company programs, it is the customer who is responsible for organizing the location. However, we recommend that you always complete the sessions outside the office doors, so that you are truly out of the day-to-day environment. ScaleUp Company offers masterclasses at various locations or in-company.

Do you offer single days workshops?

For customers, we arrange extra days about certain kind of topics. If you are not a customer (yet), we can always have a talk to find out how we can help you with your questions or challenges.

I have another question...

Our ScaleUp experts are ready to answer all your questions. Contact us on this link.