Scaling Up Heartbeat

For management teams who want to work in-company with a ScaleUp Expert.

The golden formula for business growth

The programme is intended for the management of Scale-Ups. The programme is curated by growth experts who have helped more than 2,500 organisations grow.

We start by creating a growth plan for your organisation. Then we start working on the foundation. After a few meetings, we work with you to create a rock-solid growth strategy.

The next step is execution. How do you work on the strategy every day with the whole team? We work with crystal clear priorities and goals. In addition, we help you implement a meeting rhythm.

The third pillar is people. What is the culture and what are the company’s core values? Who is responsible for what? With the best people, you’ll do the right things.

Your team will be guided by a Scale Up coach. You will also gain access to the international ScaleUp network and help build the South African network.

Clear strategy, solid execution with the right people

Implementing Scaling Up

The methodology is also known as the growth formula for scale-ups. Companies around the world use Scaling up.

Create a meeting rhythm

Start by communicating effectively. Establish a rhythm in the organisation to achieve more.

Guidance from a coach

An entrepreneur who has scaled a business significantly using the Scaling Up methodology will guide your team.

What does the programme look like?

1. Insights into growth opportunities

Where is the core of scalability? What stage of scale-up is your company currently in? How does your company compare to similar companies in your industry? Gain many insights directly from the first baseline measurement. Based on this analysis, you will know where you stand in relation to the organisation and what the growth challenges are.

2. Implement Scaling Up

The Scaling Up Methodology is divided into three main themes: Strategy, Execution and People. During the sessions, we will go through these topics through sprints. The Scaling Up Expert will explain the theory with practical examples and you will get straight to work implementing it in your organisation.

3. Meeting rhythm for structure

Companies that grow healthily and quickly have one thing in common: they have a good consultation structure. As a result, communication improves and there's less hassle. You will learn the importance of good structure. Everything from daily meetings to annual meetings are discussed. You'll put it into practice immediately.

4. Guidance from a Scale-up Expert

In addition to the 9 physical training days, you can use your ScaleUp Expert at all possible times. You can arrange these extra coaching sessions as you wish. Another brainstorming session about your BHAG? The last check on the rocks for the upcoming quarter? You choose the area where you want to get extra support from your ScaleUp Expert.

Learn all about Scaling Up from experienced experts!

A ScaleUp expert is a very experienced entrepreneur who has made a company big himself using the Scaling Up methodology. He/she will give you guidance during your Heartbeat. Supplemented with examples and exercises, you immediately get tools to develop yourself further. A team of 50 ScaleUp Experts is ready to build your most challenging entrepreneurial dream together with your team. Below you will find a selection of our ScaleUp Experts!

Unotida Nyoni

Co-founder ScaleUp Company South Africa (Strategy and Finance expert)

Philips Spaas

Co-Founder Oogst (now part of Merkle/ Dentsu)

Bart van Nol

ScaleUp Company co-owner and Pepperminds Buro Beet

"No excuses, invest time to truly grow your business."

What others are saying about this growth programme.

Scaling Up is ideal
"The Scaling Up methodology was the ideal way to take the next step with the organisation and it has worked fantastically well. We took a lot of energy from it with the team!"
Roel Wolbrink
Co-founder New Tailor
Involvement increased
"Scaling Up has strengthened our company's culture and increased employee engagement with a focus on the right projects. My favorite tool is the OPSP!"
Sjoerd Keer
Director Gio Coffee
Focus and structure
"After years of growth, we entered the phase: How to move forward? With many new faces, the need for structure grew. The programme immediately brought much more focus."
Bob van Berkel
CEO Vanberkel Professionals

Are you ready to grow with your organization?

What others are saying about this growth programme.

Frequently asked questions

What is a management team (Executive Board)?

The participating management team does not necessarily have to consist of official Management/C-level positions. Sometimes these positions are not yet filled by the participants or employees are still growing into these positions.

My management team (MT) is not yet complete, can I still join?

This varies from situation to situation. To get a good answer to this question, it's helpful to schedule a meeting with one of our consultants. Click here to get in touch >>>

What is an in-company programme?

An in-company programme involves our ScaleUp expert working exclusively with your management team on growth plans. It's not a group format, so there are no management teams from other scale-ups present.

What are the entry requirements for Scaling Up Heartbeat?

In general, a Scaling Up Heartbeat participant has minimum sales for R20M. There are at least 10 FTEs employed and an executive team of at least 3 people. Within the executive team, in-company working is preferred. Are you anywhere near these numbers? Then, of course, we can always talk to each other>>>>>

How long does the Scaling Up Heartbeat programme last?

Scaling Up Heartbeat is an ongoing programme where we start by implementing the foundation of the ScalingUp methodology. Initially, we are planning 9 physical training days. Between training days, your management team works on all plans. There are also 24 coaching hours from your ScaleUp expert available between practice days.

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Unotida Nyoni

Co-founder ScaleUp Company South Africa (Strategy and Finance expert) +27 60 418 0115