Scaling Up Tools


One-Page Personal Plan

The OPPP provides a framework by which you align your personal aims with the business. This is the tool for organisational leaders who want to create balance and thereby live a happier life.

Function Accountability Chart

With this tool you make sure you have the right people in the right places at the top of the organisation. What happens in upper management is reinforced throughout the organisation.

Process Accountability Chart

There are 4 to 9 processes that are most important to your organisation. Using the PACe tool, you define the processes, assign responsibilities, and specify how each process will be measured.


One Page Strategic Plan

The OPSP provides a framework for a detailed description of your company's vision. In addition, it creates a common language. Finally, are the actions needed to incorporate the routines.

The seven layers of strategy

Without a strong strategy making you lord and master of your industry, you can do little in the market over the coming years. Bring the strategy together on one page.

Strengths, Weaknesses & Trends

The SWT tool is an updated upgrade on the well-known SWOT. This tool allows the leadership team to identify the company's strengths and weaknesses and discover trends.

4D vision overview

The vision statement is a simplified version of the one-page strategic plan. It provides focused guidance for companies just starting to implement Scaling Up.


Who, What, When

An overview of who, does what when (WWW). It is a summary of action items and responsibilities agreed upon during a meeting. Enhanced alternative to minutes.

Rockefeller Habits

The Rockefeller checklist provides a helping hand to bring more structure your organisation, initiating and guiding growth. It is the basis for the implementation of scaling up.


Cash accelerator

How long does it take your business to turn 1 tsnd of expenses into 1 rand of revenue? This is the tool to track what specific strategies you can use to improve cash flow.

The power of one

The power of one: It is the way to calculate the effect on the cash position when changes are made to any of the seven financial instruments.